Jose and Shaylee had the perfect venue, St Ives, and the perfect weather on their wedding day.  Winter in the KZN Midlands can be glorious especially when you have blue skies;  leaves on the trees turning orange and red; no wind; and a stunning wedding venue as the cherry on top.  Jose was a bundle of nerves on the day which is completely understandable whilst Shaylee seemed extremely calm even when she was running late.  The St Ives venue has it all with the accommodation close by, the beautiful chapel that looks out over the lake, the venue alongside the lake for cocktails, numerous settings for the creative shoot and then the reception venue that also looks out onto the lake.  Everything ran smoothly(except for hair and makeup running an hour late) and once the emotional ceremony was complete we rushed off for the creative shoot.  The photo below was taken just a minute or two before the sun disappeared behind the distant hill and hopefully should explain to Jose and Shaylee why I made them walk at my pace(a giraffe after drinking a case of Red Bull). The reception consisted of some very funny stories, the groom’s dad singing, the mc singing, lots of delicious food, and of course lots of dancing.  It was a treat sharing the day with Jose and Shaylee and witnessing all the emotional and joyous moments throughout.  I particularly enjoyed their openness and humility.  The OD Media team wishes you many more joyous moments in your married life and hope the memories below last a lifetime.