When Megan and Ashley contacted me, I was very excited! I have known and worked for the Dormehl family for over 5 years now and have covered their prestigious awards evenings in previous years. This time, I was asked to capture the wedding of Meg and Ash in December. Let’s bear in mind that that time of the year, in Durban, is HOT! The wedding was at The Chantecler Hotel in Botha’s Hill, so I thought we may have cooler temperatures up the hill, turns out we didn’t, in fact, I think it was the hottest day of the year!

This wedding was a team event with Matt and Jaybe covering the videography side. Arriving at the venue, we took a few minutes to scout around the reception area and chapel, before starting the setup and preparation for our day ahead. We started shooting with Meg and her bridesmaids in the morning, then went to Ash and his groomsmen who were a few doors down, walked over to shoot the beautiful reception, went back to Meg for her last minute touch ups and finally off to the chapel. My colleagues weren’t joking when they said the chapel was dark… Dark with a thatched roof… Not an ideal photography or videography situation, but as always, we came prepared and it didn’t cause a big issue.

After a meaningful ceremony, we stayed at the chapel for family photos. The weather had been so kind to us for our creative session that I just couldn’t wait to get out into the green gardens and shoot. We had a great creative session and captured some very special images there. Then it was on to the reception, with Meg and Ash making a graceful entrance. When the formalities were over, the dancing began, and I did not think it would ever stop! Those guests knew how to party. A great time was had by all, by the look of things!

Meg and Ash were so gracious and accommodating throughout the planning, preparation and actual day of their wedding. We really enjoyed covering their most important day and I look forward to more special shoots ahead!