Maroupi Wedding Venue is a really pretty venue and well organized so you know the day is already going to be that much easier.  Sandile arrived at the venue at the same time as us, which was really early, so he had time to do nothing except think about the day ahead and  increase his stress levels.  It’s much better to stay busy and keep distracted.  He kept telling us that he had pleaded with Thandeka to please be on time and to make sure that the service started on time.  Thandeka was ready on time as instructed but the service got delayed by quite a long time because…… Sandile’s parents arrived late. Eish, poor Sandile I don’t think he considered that eventuality. Moving on, and hopefully forgetting that small detail, the day ran smoothly and there was enough time to do a creative shoot before entering the beautiful reception room.  Speeches were quick and then it was time for us to relax for a few minutes and enjoy the delicious food, my favourite part of the day after standing for about 6 hours already.  The evening ended with Sandile, Thandeka and friends enjoying the music and dancing the night away.

The next day was the traditional part of the wedding and the part that I enjoy the most.  It was held at Sandile’s home where he grew up so it was interesting to hear a few stories of what it used to be like there compared to now.  The area is more built up and the sugar cane fields have almost all but disappeared.  The day ran a little late as some traditions could only start once the sun had risen but that was a minor detail.  You will probably never see a Zulu Wedding running according to time but then you will also never see anyone get stressed about that either.  As long as everyone arrives and there is food, who cares what the time is.  Sandile and Thandeka were great hosts and had made a huge effort to make the day as enjoyable as possible for all their guests.  It must be really hard organizing these traditional weddings as everyone in the neighbourhood is invited and welcome to attend so it is just a guess as to how many guests will attend on the day.  Unfortunately we ran out of time for the planned sunset shoot but we made the most of it and it was a fitting way to end the day.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Sandile and Thandeka as they were very quiet, humble and gracious and made my job really easy.  We wish them well for the future and may they share many adventures together.  Here a a few glimpses of some of the special moments from both days.