You would think that someone who photographs weddings as well would know what weather to order for her own wedding, but who am I to judge.  Kelly, as most of you might know, works at ODM. When she mentioned that she was getting married, we (Matt and I), immediately jumped at the opportunity to be the photographer and videographer of choice, or in this case no choice.

We are using this opportunity to try something different and get the bride to choose and comment on some of the pics from the day, so enjoy.  We have to add that Kelly, Trevor and all the family were amazing on the day even though it was the wettest and coldest weekend so far this winter.  It poured with rain from the Friday to the Sunday when we left.  But despite the weather, it was an awesome wedding due to the special people involved and one that will be remembered for a long time to come.  Well done Kelly and Trevor!

This is quite possibly my most favorite photo of the entire wedding- how strange, I know! It’s a simple shot, but says so much. I feel like a fly on the wall, watching Trev go through his speech.

A very special photograph with our God Daughter, who was also the best little flower girl!

Such a creative shot of our rings. I love how my engagement ring is picking up the pink of the protea in the bouquet.

So sneaky! This shot has so much going on: from the bridesmaid dress on the left in another room, to the bridesmaids and I chatting, to my hair being done. One shot with such a story! I can feel the excitement.

My mom’s face while helping me put my garter on, priceless!

My eyes were glued on Trev for my entire walk down the aisle. This image depicts that perfectly! Wade was positioned in exactly the right place to get this special shot.

Sometimes you don’t need to include faces to tell a story.

I love how this image shows our whole bridal party standing along side us. This was taken while we were singing our hymn, you can even see our friend leading the song on the left.

One photo. Happiness overload. By the way, Trev had no idea where Wade and Matt were standing throughout the ceremony… FYI Trev-they were standing about two meters away from us! Wade, Matt… do you own invisible capes?

This was not something we planned and we hadn’t even signed the register yet. In the few seconds it took us to impromtuly put our hands together and look at our bands, the perfect shot was captured.

I don’t know who arranged this, but I am so glad they did. Usually, for this shot, only the bride and groom are in it. In our case, our best friends stood with us. A very special photo indeed.

Neither my dad, nor I, remember this high five! Another moment captured and saved in time.

If you look closely, you’ll see the diagonal rain… We were happily tucked undercover while Wade braved the elements in search of this exact shot.

Being able to be myself in front of the camera was something I really appreciated. This allowed for naturally happy shots.

This is such a cool photo of the guys. They all look so natural, happy and handsome! The pops of color from the strelitzia and rose petals add some nice color to the image.

Of all the bridal portraits of me, this one is my favorite. Everything is included, from hair, to make up, to jewelry, to the dress, to the flowers, to the ring and to my pretty nails.

Every single shot of Trev has him looking super cool and comfortable in front of the lens, something that is not often easily done.

This is such an awesome photo! When Wade said “Okay guys, now walk out this door and stand over there”, this shot did not come immediately to mind. Why on earth was he making us go out into the cold and wet?! Once I stuck my head out the door, I saw exactly why. While staying dry and undercover, we managed to get an outdoors shot. Great thinking Wade!

This image sits close to my heart. My family from the UK, Marc who was working on a ship somewhere in the ocean, and God Mother Mandi from Cape Town, moved mountains to make sure they would be with us to celebrate our wedding. I could not be any more appreciative to them. I am so glad to have this photo.

Once again, the invisibility cape must have been worn by Wade, who seemlessly moved around the reception throughout the speeches without a sound., capturing impromptu happy moments. This comments serves for the below image as well.

When the song started for our first dance, my mind went into some kind of amnesia. My body was doing exactly as it should (so I am told), but looking back, I have a complete blank on those three minutes. I think I had just worked myself up so much about this dance. In fact, so much so that I had us practicing every night for the month leading up to the wedding! I am so grateful we had a professional capturing our special day, especially for moments like these, that are so sentimental, but often times not clearly remembered. Thank you Wade for being so professional throughout the cold and wet day. We really enjoyed having you part of our once in a lifetime day. The images you captured will be treasured forever!

PS: Dear Wade, I am not sure if you were aware, but it was POURING with rain at this point! Yet, you went out, quite a considerable distance may I add, and captured this shot of our awesome venue. Thank you for going out of you way to get this image. I am so glad we have it.