One of the most important criteria for shooting weddings is to have an open mind and to be prepared to change everything at a drop of a hat(nobody actually had a hat but you know what I mean).  Chuma and Nonceba’s wedding day at Fordoun started out with blue skies and sunshine, you couldn’t have asked for a better day(so far).  The decor at the reception and chapel was ready(I mention this because we have to start with the decor as we are too busy later with bride and groom prep and sometimes the decor is only ready at the last minute which is a problem for us photographers and videographers)  and looked stunning.  I have learnt that whenever Sindiswa from Azande Concepts is involved then I know that everything will be done on time and will look exceptional.

Chuma was a little anxious getting ready but was still a gentleman and sporting groom allowing us to get the shots and footage that we needed.  Nonceba was loving the day and although she ran a little late she stayed calm and looked the part of a beautiful bride.  The minister at the beginning of the ceremony promised to keep it short to try help make up some lost time due to the late start.  I think he got caught up in the moment and forgot about the making up time promise which left us getting quite anxious as we saw the dark clouds rolling in and the sound of thunder approaching.  I was trying to capture the lightning in the background as we left the chapel heading for some canapés but at the same time felt a little exposed in the open.  What happened to the blue sky?

Chuma and Nonceba made the brave call to stand in the pouring rain and get a few snaps with the bridal party before heading out for their creative shoot.  Matt and I got all our gear ready and braved the bucketing rain along with the bride and groom.  It is never pleasant shooting in the pouring rain especially when your gear gets soaked but we managed to get some great imagery which made it all worth while.  It couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the brave and adventurous couple.

It felt good to be back in the warm, dry reception and listen to some very heartfelt speeches.  Sometimes you get to hear some interesting stories and facts about the bridal couple but every now and then you get blown away by a couple’s journey in life and how their met.  Chuma and Nonceba were one of the most humble and honest couples which made the day such a treat.  I kept looking out of the windows during the reception as it looked like there was going to be a special sunset after the all the rain that was about.  Fortunately there was a gap between speeches and just when the couple thought they were going to relax I pulled them out of the reception and posed them outside with the fantastic lighting that we got for all of 2 minutes.  You have to make the most of every opportunity at a wedding as they don’t happen again.

What an amazing day weather wise and what an experience being witnesses to such an amazing couple on their special day.  Thank you once again to Chuma and Nonceba for a beautiful day.