I did a lot of searching on the internet for places to visit whilst in Italy.  I wanted to return to the Amalfi coast where I had photographed a wedding and then stayed a few years back but I was on my own then and now I had Mandy with me and I was so excited to show her that beautiful coastline.  That was one place added to the “must” list.

I somehow stumbled upon the town of Sulmona and even though you can only get a small idea of what it is like from the internet it somehow struck me as a place worth visiting.  We were blown away by this small town with it’s surrounding mountains, the Roman walls and cobble stoned roads, the confetti shops, the abundance of churches, the small but beautiful restaurants and mostly the warm, accommodating and enthusiastic locals who live in the town.  The apartment that we stayed at using AirBnb(view here) was the cherry on top.  The market that takes place in the Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi every Saturday morning is worth a visit and I highly recommend trying some of the food stalls especially the award winning Porchetta stand.  I am drooling right now thinking of it.  We could quite easily have stayed here for our entire trip and hopefully one day if we return to Italy we will definitely stop here.  Here are some pics from the beautiful town and some of the nearby towns as well.  Keep an eye out for the upcoming video on Italy as it is going to be a winner(no pressure there Matt).  Next will be the Amalfi Coast.

The beautiful town of Sulmona Italy with the cobble stone roads and old buildings making it a special place to visit.

The park on the outskirts of the town gets used a lot by the locals.

A village on the way to Scanno nestled between the mountains. The roads are something else to experience as they pass through many tunnels and on the edges of some big cliffs.

The Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi through the arches of the old walls.

An entrance to a restaurant outside of the town of Scanna

The town’s speciality is confetti which is sugar coated almond flowers and they brighten up the shops and streets with their unique designs.

Almost every balcony is covered with beautiful flowers and they seem to be well cared for and proud feature to each apartment.

Looking back from the Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi towards the town

The flowers are so pretty that you forget about big gardens.

The picturesque town of Scanno. It is a busy town especially during the skiing season.

The main road through Sulmona before sunrise

Lago di Scanno

Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi early morning

I am pretty sure that the local people say “there’s the steepest hill, let’s build a village there”. Amazing.

A local enjoying the early morning tranquility in Sulmona.

Ovid’s statue where many local people gathered each evening on their passeggiata.

I just wanted to dive into this lake but unfortunately the bus never stopped nearby.

Another big hill, another village.

The park in Sulmona early morning.