This was my first experience of the Color Run. I was warned by colleagues to make sure that all my equipment was covered as you cannot escape the colored powder no matter how hard you try.  I was really surprised to see just how covered the racers got with powder.  They were caked in all sorts of colors.

The run was held at Durban North College and promised to be “The Happiest 5K on the Planet”.  The mood was festive from the very start and it stayed like that throughout the event. I managed to capture some of the action and enjoyed watching everyone else getting plastered with powder. I did laugh on the way home when I was stopped at a traffic light and glanced at the car next to me and saw a car full of rainbow people sitting on plastic packets that covered their seats. I can only imagine how dirty most people’s cars were that did not think of that. Here are some pics from the day which was sponsored mainly by Capitec Bank, who donated R10 from each ticket sold to their various charity initiatives, and hosted so eloquently and enthusiastically by Damon Beard from East Coast Radio.  For more corporate events covered by OD Media go to here

The Start at the Color Run Durban. I thought that this was a lot of people, but this was only one of five batches.

The title sponsors Capitec Bank.

Trevor warming up the runners with the Cha Cha dance.

Who wants to get plastered in powder?

Some more runners with makeup issues.

Wearing glasses of some sort is a must.

Is Hulk in the house?

The Color Run in Black and White?

Damon Beard really knows how to keep the crowd entertained and informed, great job.

Fun for all ages.

There is no hiding from the powder

This just sums up how much fun everyone was having, even out on the course

One color station down four to go…


My favourite set of pics from the day.

Close your eyes and mouth!

I am not sure how much this young girl could see out of those glasses but she was having a blast anyway. Gives new meaning to the term “looking through rose tinted glasses”.

“Give me some powder, woohoo!”

The first powder station just after the start of the race.

Take it like a man.

Powder explosion.

If ever there was a case for “wash me please” then this poor car qualified for sure. Well done to Ford for this unique idea.

The air was covered in powder particles so it didn’t matter where you stood you still got covered.

Attitude in colour.

The Superheros throwing water bottles to the runners.

This used to be a white shirt…