Lerato and her friend Mogau contacted us quite a while ago requesting a portrait shoot whilst on holiday in Durban.  I recommended an early morning sunrise shoot to get the best lighting conditions and also to have the freedom of an empty beachfront and promenade.  I offered to pick them up from their hotel so that they did not need to hassle with finding transport to the shoot and I was very strict about being on time so that we did not miss out on the sun rising and the opportunities it would provide with some beautiful lighting.  Lerato and Mogau got their part right but the sun certainly did not get the memo and failed to appear.  That is the chance you take with sunrise shoots.  We made the most of the situation and Lerato and Mogau actually enjoyed being out so early in the morning.  It was a chilled shoot and I enjoyed spending the short time together.  I dropped Lerato and Mogau back at the hotel where they either went back to bed or recharged with a breakfast and headed out to explore “sunny” Durbs.  Thanks for visiting our beautiful city.