Recently we were asked by United States based media company Interesting Human Media to film a short documentary on Prince Sbu Zulu and his radio station Nongoma FM.  The footage was going to be used as a pilot for a much bigger project which was hopefully going to be bought by BBC Worldwide and National Geographic.

Unfortunately the project has not aired yet so we cannot show any footage but here are some stills from the day showing some of the adventures that we had.  The day started out in the dark as Matt, Josh and myself headed off on the 4 hour journey to Nongoma.  We arrived in Nongoma just in time to rush into the municipal offices and interview the mayor of Nongoma, Mayor SC Mataba.  After the interview we were treated to some fine hospitality and enjoyed some tea and biscuits with the prince and the mayor.  What a treat.  The rest of the day involved interviewing more dignitaries, a chief and of course Prince Sbo Zulu at his home and at his radio station.  The radio station is this small building in the middle of nowhere but it is new, has amazing equipment and plays a very important role in the local community.  We also managed to get some footage of the town and surrounding countryside which was awesome.  After interviewing the local chief we bid our farewells and headed off on the long journey home.  We had only traveled about 3 kilometers when we unanimously voted to stop and capture the spectacular sunset over the rolling hills of Nongoma.  That made the journey extra special.  We then proceeded into the dark and a few minutes later were greeted by a violent thunderstorm.  I haven’t seen such blinding lightning in a long time.  We quickly searched for an ideal lookout so that we could capture this natural spectacle only to be greeted by a hail storm.  By the time the hail stopped, the thunderstorm had moved on and was almost out of sight.  The rest of the trip was uneventful and after a stop for dinner I even had the luxury of a quick nap on the back seat.  Thankfully Matt and Josh were wide awake and got us home safely.  What an amazing day filled with so many stories and unforgettable moments.  Thank you Nongoma and I suggest that one day you take a drive out there and enjoy the beauty for yourself.  If you need corporate videography done look for examples of our work here.  For more corporate photography work covered by OD Media go here