Mountain Splendour Eco Resort is situated in the central Drakensberg area just 2 1/2 hours drive from Durban and is one of the most beautiful camp sites in South Africa.  Their website says:

“We offer a wide range of accommodation options to suit every family or group as well as the option to store your caravans or tents at Mountain Splendour – ready for a quick weekend getaway! We are the best spot for a Drakensberg Glamping, Camping or Self Catering holiday.Make yourself at home, relax and unwind amongst our beautiful trees while enjoying the spectacular views of the mountains.  Let your kids go “free range” in the safety of our family farm.”

I had never been here before or even heard of it but the minute our family arrived I knew that this was a very special place.  I experienced the following:

  • the campsites are clean, have spectacular views and are extremely spacious
  • the bathroom facilities are modern and spotless with instant hot water
  • the children are safe and can play on the well equipped play area facilities; can ride bicycles all over the campsites and especially on the tracks, play tennis
  • the entertainment area is a great escape if you like table tennis, pool or just want to watch tv
  • the swimming pool looks like it was a piece of a river transported onto the property, so unique and inviting
  • the children spend hours feeding the pot bellied pigs, donkeys, goats and horses
  • the staff and service are amazing and even when we had a small issue the staff were at our campsite before we could even get back from reporting it at the office
  • great places to meander nearby
  • close to Monks Cowl that has stunning hikes
  • the list goes on and on

If you want to just relax or need a beautiful base to explore the Drakensberg from then Mountain Splendour is the ideal place. You can either bring your own gear or get the friendly staff to supply you with everything so all you have to bring is food.  Where will you spend your next holiday? 

views of campsites

The entire campsite is full of beautiful trees and flowers and is a joy to camp at


bird's eye view of Mountain Splendour

The campsites hidden by the beautiful trees as seen from across the river


mountain views through the clouds

On our hike to Nandi’s Falls we never saw any mountains due to the low lying clouds but once we exited the beautiful forest and started on our hike back we happened to glance up and these mountains were peeping out from the clouds. It was breathtaking.


colourful flowers in the Drakensberg area

Some of the many colourful and pretty flowers and grasses that we found on our hike.


view of Monks Cowl from the Mountain Splendour campsite

This was our view from our tents once the clouds had disappeared, you can never get enough of it. As hard as it is for me to say, photos never do the Drakensberg justice as the sheer magnitude cannot be portrayed by a photo.


donkeys at Mountain Splendour

These donkeys were so cute and friendly.


Sterkspruit Falls

The first stop on our Nandi’s Falls hike was at Sterkspruit Falls which was very pretty especially the fields covered in white flowers on the way.


Cape Vulture circling above

We must have looked hopeless and tired as this Cape Vulture started circling us haha.


hikers in the Drakensberg

This image was taken to try put everything into perspective. Look to the bottom right to see a group of about 30 hikers returning to give you an idea of the size of the mountains.


Mountain Splendour campsites

Even when the weather is dodgy the campsites at Mountain Splendour still look amazing.


cycling outside the campsites

The quiet road outside of the campsite is a pretty and easy walk or cycle for anyone who is not fit. It is flat the entire way.


baby goats being played with

The baby goats are so friendly and the children love to play with them.


spectacular mountain scenes

The unpredictable weather in the Drakensberg can provide for stunning imagery. These mountains were completely hidden from our view and within minutes they “popped” out to reveal a spectacular setting.


green field covered in white flowers

The newly burnt fields were covered in bright green grass and multicoloured flowers.


small waterfall

One of the many pretty sites along the hike to Nandi’s Falls.


shaggy donkey

This shaggy donkey was the cutest and a favourite amongst us.


mountains covered in low lying clouds

The mountains kept disappearing and reappearing into view every few minutes which made them seem so mysterious.


tiny bird

This little bird kept hopping about the trees really close to us and wasn’t afraid of us at all. The forest at Nandi’s Falls is so pretty with every rock or tree covered in green moss and once you step inside the forest the outside world disappears and you feel like you have been transported to another planet.


sunset in the Drakensberg

Sunset over the Drakensberg as seen from our tents at the Mountain Splendour campsite.

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