Matt and I decided at the last minute that we could and should get away for a well earned break.  It has been a busy year so far but one of our most successful, so there were no “guilty feelings” which is usually the case as business owners.  We obviously couldn’t do what we do without the support of our wives and families, so this was a break for them as well.  It was also an opportunity to do some scouting and filming for an upcoming project that we will be doing in the area. This project will be a highlight of the year so keep a look out for that post soon.

Matt and Kerryn were very brave bringing their 6 month old twin girls, Scarlett and Harper, but they were extremely well behaved. Emily, Amy and Thomas just loved looking after them.  Those smiles are so precious.  There were too many highlights to mention so you will have to go through the pics instead.  We all came away feeling refreshed and excited to tackle the rest of the year ahead.  Matt and I came away thinking that we need to move our offices down there, wishful thinking…

A beautiful sunrise combined with some perfect waves and a howling offshore wind, magic.

This view and walk never gets old, the journey back up does but not down. We were blessed with some exceptionally good weather.

The view from the verandah of one of the many breathtaking sunsets.

Family portrait time and the beauty was that it didn’t matter if someone wasn’t smiling or their eyes were closed.

Half moon means Neap Tides.

The view across the bay at sunrise with some designer clouds to top it off.

Such a pretty view but what you don’t see is the early morning wake up, the long walk in the soft, sinking sand and then the freezing offshore wind that howls down the river to remind you that it is winter and you should have stayed in your warm bed. Not a chance, these are the moments that I live for.

The view from the top of Umdumbi point provides an excellent vantage point for the passing swells.

This was one of the many beautiful beaches that we passed on our 5 hour hike north with not a soul in sight.

Amy found this stick and decided to take it home(as in Westville home) for her granny. She practiced balancing it on her head while she negotiated the rocks. Not bad.

We don’t see the sunsets from the cottage that we usually go to so it was a treat to witness these amazing sunsets each day.

As Shrek said “that’ll do Donkey, that’ll do!”

Thomas admiring the waves and sunrise.

Emily on the way back to the cottage after an afternoon stroll.

Masixole and Thomas racing their cars.

Another hill with an awesome view, Mandy on our way back from the Spaza shop.

Early morning surf check, looking good. Matt let’s go!

A view of a passing wave through the milkwood forest.

Matt and I wishing that we could move our office to this spot, I’m sure we would still do some work like when the onshore blows and at night.

This morning had the most unusual cloud formations that I have seen.

Best shower with a view in town.

These 3 huts looked like a scene out of a painting.

Sunrise over the rock pools.

Even with the moon at about a quarter full, I still never needed to use a torch to find my way through the fields. The light from the stars was enough. Such amazing beauty and tranquility.

Tom was so eager to come join me on one of the morning shoots so we planned it for this morning. He came and woke us up at 4am already dressed and ready to go. We kept him subdued for an hour and then we had to leave as he was so excited. He made a fire, and we shared Milo and a packet of Lemon Cream biscuits while the cameras were rolling. What an adventure and a morning never to be forgotten.

Another beautiful. empty beach.

Tom’s dream coming true, having his own wire car. It is amazing how well made these cars are and how they can go anywhere.

This was something to see as there were quite a number of ladies who had come down to this little stream to wash all their blankets and bedding and place them on the grass for them to dry in the sun.

This was the morning before we left and was the the biggest day of swell that we had, even though we had already had some big days. The waves got bigger all day and Matt and I stood on the rocks for an hour waiting for a gap to try get out. Once we did, I said to Matt “now that we have made it out, how do we get in?” The waves were huge, there was a lot of water moving and we were way out to sea. We were scared but the adrenaline was pumping and we couldn’t ignore the challenge. One surf that we would always remember and no doubt exaggerate about as well.

A beautiful family with a beautiful view in the background.