The launch of the new SANBS head office in Mount Edgecombe was an exciting event despite the covid virus implications. This new head office is something else and is a definite tourist attraction. A blood bank a tourist attraction, what? They have designed the building so that you can view the journey of your blood from start to finish from either ground level or from the viewing areas above. You can sit and have blood taken and then watch it go through all the various stages. Unbelievable. The building is of course modern and is equipped with the most star of the art machines necessary to handle the life saving units of blood. On one of my walks around the building I stopped and took some pics of the parking lot only to discover that all the roofing was solar panels. How cool is that. Darren Maule was on hand at the launch day and his enthusiasm and commitment, he is a brand ambassador for SANBS, was infectious and along with his sense of humour he got everyone excited and happy to be a part of this historic day. Donating blood can now be a fun outing for all and worth doing even if it’s just to visit this new head office. Your blood saves lives! Well done to Janet from Fresheyes Communication for executing another successful event, it’s always a pleasure working with someone who is so well organised and on the ball.