When one mentions the word Nkandla I am pretty sure most, if not everyone, has the same image come to mind: ex-president Jacob Zuma and his swimming pool, and by that I don’t mean an image of him floating on a lilo in the pool!  I was picturing a flattish area of the countryside with rural homes scattered far and wide.  I was partly right with the latter but the actual landscape is quite dramatic and breathtakingly beautiful.  The roads twist and turn and you are either going up or down at angles that resemble a roller coaster ride.  It is quite a struggle, especially if you are a photographer, as you are trying to stick to the road but at the same time you cannot help staring at the magnificent views that surround you.  Pics never quite do it justice but have a look at the images below to help convince you to visit this amazing area in KZN.