Once again we headed down to the Eastern Cape to capture the amazing landscapes as well as for a short break before the year kicked off and life got too busy.  As usual we experienced the beautiful landscapes, slow pace of life, family outings every day, variety of weather and of course many hours spent in the sea.  We were fortunate this time that our trip coincided with a few of Emily’s classmates, parents and teachers being down at the same time so most days were spent sharing board games, meals and good times.

On one of the days we took a drive to my favourite place on earth, Hole in the Wall.  The vegetation down at the river tricks you into thinking you are on another planet and along with the view of the amazing mountain with a hole in is something special.  This time we swam in the river, jumped off a cliff into the river and also braved jumping into the hole.  On our way out Emily swam into the only blue bottle in the sea that day and discovered how painful these little critters are.  We started to panic a little as she was stung on her neck which can cause the windpipe to swell and stop your breathing and along with Lindo who is extremely allergic to them we still had to swim all the way back.  That felt like a very long swim.  And just when you thought that we would stay out the water I took Thomas along for his first attempt at jumping into the hole.  We avoided the blue bottles but Thomas found out just how big the waves were that were washing through the hole now that it was high tide.  He told me that he was very scared but in the end he still jumped and then we made the long swim back.  Enough adventure for one day.

As always these holidays ended too quickly but we were grateful to have experienced such natural beauty and came away feeling revitalised.  We can’t wait to get back there but in the mean time we will cherish the memories and look over the photos below.