Lake Eland is a beautiful place situated in the dramatic Oribi Gorge and considering that it is only a short drive away from Durban, it is the ideal getaway for a weekend or a long holiday.  It has some spectacular views, awesome game drives, excellent accommodation, and a whole bunch of activities for the thrill seekers such as zip lines across the gorge.  The suspension bridge was enough of a rush for me.  You may feel disappointed that they don’t have the big 5 but that is until you come up super close to the giraffe or massive Eland or some of the other less celebrated animals such as the Gnu.  Seeing animals up close is something really special and watching the giraffe sitting down or walking across the hills is a real treat.  Thomas, Emily and Amy had the freedom to go on their own adventures on their bikes so they loved the place.  We also had some fun jumping off our balcony into the cold dam for a swim.  We went on numerous game drives and explored the caves in the gorge.  I did not have the courage, and probably never will, to experience the zip lines.  Watching a tiny dot flying across the gorge on a line that you can’t even see just gave me the creeps.  I, along with the family, can’t wait to go back to Lake Eland for some more adventures.  Hopefully you too can go and discover your own piece of paradise.

Those balcony’s were perfect for jumping into the dam from.

Giraffe and Gnu’s enjoying the fresh new grass in the recently burnt fields.

My Egyptian goose performing on demand.

Thomas in the caves. He was so disappointed to not find bones and skulls from any animal kills.

I couldn’t believe how big the Eland were.

The classic “bicycle at sunset” pic.

Gnu’s checking out the photog encroaching on their prime grass.

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