I photographed Riasha’s Night Before function which made the actual wedding day so much easier as I already felt like I knew her and her family.  Everyone seemed very relaxed and even more impressive was that everyone was ready on time.  Even, Kesh, who did all the hair and makeup was extremely punctual.

I have found in the past that with Indian weddings the makeup artists and hair stylists call the shots and dictate the times which can be annoying as quite often it means that the bride runs late and there is no time for a pre-wedding shoot.  This was not the case with Kesh from Beauty in a Box, so I was really impressed with her professional approach and of course her fantastic work as well.

I arrived at Jerris’s hotel room a little earlier than arranged which meant that I actually woke them up.  This wasn’t a problem as it was still too early to get ready and I was just there to photograph the suit etc.  I did although manage to capture Jerris ironing his shirt so Riasha there is proof that he can excel at this task in case he claims otherwise in the future.

MTSS Hall had another wedding booked for the afternoon, I don’t know how they do it, so we knew that things would run according to plan and that we would be finished on time.  The priest seemed to have a good sense of humour which resulted in Jerris and Riasha laughing a lot which then made my job that much easier.  It can be an intimidating ceremony in front of so many guests and with so many formalities to perform couples often get caught up in the moment and don’t get a chance to smile and take it all in.  Jerris and especially Riasha smiled for almost the entire ceremony.

The congrats was quick as the hall staff were making sure that there were no delays and then surprisingly Jerris and Riasha only wanted a few family pics so even that didn’t take long.  We next headed off to the Botanic Gardens which so happened to be where most of Durban was spending the hot, long weekend, day.  We managed to dodge the crowds and found a few quiet places to work with.  By this stage Jerris and Riasha were exhausted and had had enough of smiling for the camera so the shoot ended off quite quickly and it was time to go relax and put the feet up.  I enjoyed working with Jerris and Riasha as they were always on time, relaxed and enjoyed a good laugh.  Thanks guys and we wish you all of the best in the years ahead.  Jerris I hope you keep working on your ironing skills as I saw lots of potential there.