This wedding had more smiles than a Trevor Noah show.  Suresin and Jasantha just could not stop smiling from the minute we met at our studio until the end of the reception at Kendra Hall.

Using the Ocean Driven Media studio in Durban wasn’t the first option for the creative shoot but it turned out to be the best option on the day.  It was one of those ridiculously hot and humid days in Durban so shooting in the air conditioned studio was such a treat.  We also had the quietness and space to take our time with the shoot and not have anybody bother us so Suresin and Jasantha arrived at the hall looking like they had just left home and were fresh and ready to start the ceremony.  Even the priest had some classic jokes and comments so it was so refreshing to see so many laughs and smiles and it made the ceremony seem to fly by.  The ceremony was followed by a delicious meal(I am a huge fan of Indian food so I tucked in with great enthusiasm) while we listened to some interesting speeches.  Up next was the family and group photographs which is probably the most tiring part of the day for myself and the bride and groom especially as they have to keep smiling for a long time and get bombarded with a giant light every few seconds. At the end of it all we left the hall feeling tired yet excited about what we had just witnessed and what we were able to capture on the photography as well as the videography side.  Suresin and Jasantha were super stars and I hope that their smiles will continue forever, especially after seeing the photographs and video.