We knew we were in for a special day after meeting Trisha and Richie. A Hindu ceremony started the day and an Irish reception finished it. What a way to combine and celebrate both of their traditions, religions and upbringings.

As Terisha and Richie both live in Australia, we chatted a lot via email in the lead up to their special day. A few days before the wedding, they popped into our office to say hi and officially meet the faces behind the emails.

We (Matt, Jaybe and I) arrived at Meander Manor to a very, very relaxed bride. Terisha and her mom were getting ready in the Presidential Suite which had the most beautiful view of the manor’s gardens and ocean. I could see why they were relaxed. Richie, on the other hand, not so much. As we arrived at his room to shoot some of his preparations, he managed to lock himself in and us out. After a few minutes of trying to unlock the door with a lot of brute force, Matt had the great idea of getting Richie to drop the key out of his second story window on the other side of the room, Matt catch the key and then try open the door from the outside. Voila! You weren’t getting out of it that easily Richie! After shooting the reception setup and decor, it was time for the ceremony. It was a special ceremony with each family being involved in the rituals. As the sun was going down quickly, there was no time for the usual hugs and congrats, as we jumped in the car and made our way down to the beach for the creative shoot. School holidays made it a little difficult to shoot where we would have liked, but we made it work and got some great images. Back at the reception, guests were seated, having a drink and awaiting the bride and groom. Without a moment wasted, Trisha and Richie made their entrance, sat down, and dinner was served. The speeches were short, meaningful and to the point. Trisha and Richie’s first dance was very special and opened up the floor for for the rest of the evening’s party. Trisha and Richie made their wedding day their own special day, exactly as they wanted it. From us at OD Media, we wish you both all the very best for your future together!