This wasn’t your usual job where you kept up your professional appearance and image throughout the job but this was different as I am friends with Julian and would have felt and looked completely out of place in a collared shirt and long pants. In fact it was more like, shorts and no shoes. Highrocks beach house and House on the beach are two amazing places to have a holiday or weekend away and are situated only 40 minutes away from Durban so there is no excuse to thinking that paradise is out of reach. Just look at some of the images to see that you can be either in bed or in a bath and be staring at the sea. I spent Monday and Tuesday photographing both properties which meant a lot of running around trying to cover all the features especially during sunrise and sunset. The cherry on the top(actually quite a few) was spending the evening with Julian around the fire and just catching up and then sharing a special surf together the next morning. You don’t often, or ever, get an opportunity to be yourself(camera in hand and no shoes) and chill out with your client; enjoy a simple evening sharing a meal around a fire; and a surf together at the end. If there are more of these clients out there then definitely give us a call, haha! I suppose you cannot help relax and love life when staying at these two amazing places. Go ahead and treat yourself to a memorable holiday and some time out with the beaches and waves of the KZN South Coast. I definitely did, and I was actually working believe it or not.