Why take family portraits over a fence anyway?

I cannot claim this as my idea.  My wife, Mandy, saw that I hadn’t taken any photographs for 3 weeks due to the corona virus lockdown and knowing that it is a big part of me she suggested I take some family portraits of our friends/neighbours.  My immediate thought was to just climb over the fence and take them as per usual but then I had the insight to rather stick to the lockdown restrictions and take the photographs from over the fence.  I went to the fence to see what would be possible and it struck me that it might be a whole lot harder than I initially thought. On the plus side all I had to take was one camera, and my 70-200mm lens and leave the rest of the equipment behind.  Great.

What do you look for when photographing portraits over a fence?

When scouting the area I immediately saw the big tree and pictured the family sitting on the branch. Both close up and far off pics would work for this.  I also looked for colourful flowers that I could either use as the background or shoot through as seen in the pics below with the yellow foreground.  Most importantly I just looked for any place where there was a gap in the fence that I could stand at and shoot across.

Thank you to our neighbours and thank you to lockdown for giving me a challenge.

To view some more family portraits but this time taken at the beach click here

family portraits of neighbours taken through a fence

individual portraits taken through bright flowers

a boy posing for some individual portraits showing different poses in black and white

family of four posing for a family portrait amongst the beautiful flowers

young girl looking away from camera for a portrait on a branch in a tree

young boy sitting in a tree in black and white

father and mother pose for a portrait in the garden

family portrait taken in a garden

brother and sister posing for a family portrait

portrait of a girl sitting in a tree

family portraits taken in a garden family sitting in a tree

portrait taken in a beautiful garden colourful flowers in foreground and background