I photographed Ian & Trish’s wedding a while back, won’t give away any ages, then Jonty and Ashleigh and then recently Jonty’s sister’s wedding so I have known the family for quite a while and any chance to get together and catch up with everyone is something I look forward to.

This year everybody got together from all over SA and Australia at San Lameer so I headed down there with much enthusiasm and excitement.

It is always tricky when you have to photograph a large group and especially if there are little children involved.  The last shoot we did was a tough one as the twins were still babies and they didn’t like the look of me, must have been the way I combed my hair, so this time was so much easier as they had grown bigger and were a lot more comfortable in front of the camera.  And they knew how to say CHEEEESE!  Once the group pics were over with I could do my favourite part which is the individuals and capturing the children as they were playing.  It is always interesting and a challenge to observe each child’s behaviour and mannerisms and then to try and capture them as individuals.  After the shoot I had the pleasure of spending some time with the family while we caught up and shared a few stories.  I love this part of my job as everyone has a story and something interesting to say.  I look forward to the next meeting and hope everyone travels safely until then.