I have been photographing the Dowden family for ages ever since I captured Brad and Cathy’s wedding 10 years ago and then Brad’s sister’s wedding  7 years ago as well. Brad and Cathy try come out to South Africa every two years and use the opportunity to update their family portraits.  Here is the blog post from the last visit

For me it is a treat as it gives me a chance to catch up on how they are doing and also to see how fast the boys, Keane and Miller, are growing up.  Thankfully it is only the children that seem to get older and not us adults, or that’s my theory anyway and I’m sticking with it.  Keane and Miller have different personalities as one would expect so I tried to capture their uniqueness in the short time that we had together.  The natural surroundings certainly helped as one of the boys mentioned the swings and playground before we had even taken the first photo so I knew that I had to be quick and capture what I could before they lost their enthusiasm.  The time went by too quickly and although we chatted as much as possible in between snaps the shoot ended and it was time to say farewell till the next meeting in 2 years time.  Safe travels to all of you.