The weather was dodgy, the venue was new, the subjects were fabulous and the photographer was as enthusiastic as a rainbow waiting for the sun to start shining during a thunder shower. I had a few days off during the holidays so by the time this shoot came round I was full of excitement especially since I had always wanted to shoot at this particular venue.  Sereko and Tato were on holiday from Gauteng and wanted to capture some special memories together on the beach and although there weren’t blue skies and sunshine I assured Sereko that we would still get great pics.   They ran on the dunes, walked in the lagoon, ran on the beach and splashed in the waves which gave me plenty of opportunities to capture some natural moments.  They were so relaxed and easy to work with that we were finished in no time. What a dream portrait shoot and thank you to Sereko and Tato for giving me this opportunity.