We covered the Diners Club Golf Day at Zimbali Country Club last year so we knew that it was going to be a good day.  What we all didn’t expect was the ridiculously good weather.  KZN was showing off and for all those visitors from all over South Africa, and as far afield as Namibia, they must have thought we live in paradise.  Guess what, we do.  I thought that the day was more of a fun day and an excuse to play some golf until I found out that it is actually a regional qualifying event and also that the top two points scorers won trips to the finals in Mauritius.  Game on.  The Zimbali Country Club is a beautiful course from a spectators view point and I enjoyed whizzing around it in my golf cart taking in the amazing scenery.  It was a different story for the players as it is a tough golf course and I heard a lot of players saying what a terrible game they had had because when you played a bad shot on this course you got severely punished.  There were obviously the opposite who were loving every moment and playing exceptionally well and in the running for those two top spots.  My favourite moments were at the last hole where the groups of players shared hand shakes, hugs, high fives and thanks for sharing in a memorable day together.  The day ended with a delicious dinner and prize giving with two players getting their tickets to the finals in Mauritius. Thank you for the exceptional day Zimbali Country Club.


Teeing off at the first hole in front of some strangers would make me extremely nervous but thankfully I don’t play golf.

Amazing reflections on a pristine golf course.

The surrounding bushes, trees and flowers were just as spectacular.

The 13th hole provided the players with some drinks and snacks. I didn’t have any….any more than last year haha! Who can say no to WineGums and a Coke.

Filling in the all important score card.

Some of the groups at the 5th hole which also had drinks and snacks.

Teeing off at the first hole.

A young buck full of energy and a bush buck munching away.

OOOH so close and yet so far.

Great friendships made

Great back swing on the first tee off hole.

I can’t even imagine how many balls I would feed to that bush.

These guys were so used to seeing humans that they weren’t scared at all. I had a few of them digging in my camera bag.

I remember this being an excellent save from the bunker and he went on to still make a par. I can’t same the same for the other gentleman in the long grass though.

I told you that it was a beautiful day in KZN.

All the trees and bush were green and blended in with the beautiful course.

Thankfully it is just me in the bushes and not the players. Trying to frame the golfer in the photo.

You can’t complain about the views on the course.

Teeing off on the 10th Hole.

Even the Egyptian Geese were impressed with the course and gave their approval, Quaack!

Lining up for hopefully the last put of the day on the 18th hole.

The beautifully decorated reception hall and the top two points scorers from the day winning trips to Mauritius courtesy of Diners Club.

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