Why use corporate promotional videography?

A corporate video is the best way to communicate your brand visually. Corporate and promotional videos are great to share your message in a video and allow your audience to engage with your business and brand in an entertaining way.  This was our goal whilst shooting at The Riverside Hotel in Durban and we kept asking ourselves these questions before each take.

Did we discover anything new about the Riverside Hotel?

We all knew and have visited The Riverside Hotel before but we saw the hotel in a new light and were quite impressed.  The views from the suites and the conference venues were stunning.  We could all get used to waking up each morning and spend the first few minutes of the day taking in the glorious sights of the beachfront, the city, the river and the iconic Moses Mabhida Stadium.  The facilities were good, the staff were friendly and helpful, the food was delicious and the best of all was the popcorn and ice cream that was handed out at the conference centre to all delegates.  We definitely recommend visiting this beautiful hotel that is right on our doorstep.

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