What is corporate photography?

Corporate photography covers a wide spectrum of photography. This means that we constantly have new businesses to photograph.  We are given an opportunity to meet new businesses and new people which is the best part about our work.  Great images are the easiest and most effective way of representing a business and our job is to capture each business so that each photograph can tell a story about that business.

I can’t remember ever feeling nervous though when heading off to photograph a business.  I definitely had a few butterflies in my tummy when I headed off to photograph Rejuvenation Dentistry at Cornubia Mall in Umhlanga.  The reason being is that I am petrified of dentists and have always been since I was a wee lad many moons ago.  I shrugged off my fears(sort of), did the job and walked out feeling like I had just won the lotto.  If I can walk out of a dentist room without having anything done I consider myself the luckiest man alive.  

Was it a successful photography shoot?

Here are some images from the practice which I have to say was super clean, modern and run by a super friendly Dr Natisha Haripersad and her staff.  View there website here https://rejuvdent.co.za 

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