Urgent corporate photography assignment

We received an urgent telephone call one afternoon requesting that we please photograph 7 car dealerships in the Durban, Edwin Swales area from the ground and by drone showing the dealerships and also their positioning.  The dilemma was that the photographs had to be handed in the following morning.  This meant that we needed to photograph all of the dealerships as early as possible before the traffic got too hectic, head back to the office and edit all the images, send them off in time for the client’s presentation.  There was no planning for the best weather conditions, the best lighting and then choosing those days to do the job.  Get it done as is.  The dealerships were

BMW Durban South; Bidvest McCarthy Toyota;  Hyundai; Kempster Ford; Barons VW; Imperial Nissan; Key Truck

What was the outcome of the assignment?

We did what we could and used the best angles available within the time frame and then did quite a bit of post processing to try and make the images look better than what they originally did.  Not the ideal situation but we did what we had to; delivered the images on time; made the client happy.

View the corporate event photography of the opening of the Key Truck dealership here