In the whirlwind that was the second quarter of 2023, corporate photography and videography took off at a fast pace while we embarked on a multitude of projects that ignited our passion, creating unforgettable moments once again.

One of the standout experiences was joining forces with the incredible Snegugu, capturing the essence of her farm and the agricultural marvels that unfolded. Being a part of the inaugural South African Agricultural Awards left us inspired and in awe of the remarkable achievements within the industry.

The adventure didn’t stop there. Without any expectations we found ourselves exploring the enchanting city of Lodz in Poland while capturing the Routes Europe 2023 conference. The countryside with its numerous lush forests gave us plenty of opportunities to explore and get back to nature after our long flights.  There were also a long list of amazing restaurants in the city but we did end up frequenting the Wall Street BBQ on numerous occasions which served the biggest hamburgers I have ever seen as well as too many other mouth watering dishes to choose from.  Highly recommend trying it out, the service was good, the decor super cool and the food well worth it.

Photographing and filming the Standard Bank Pro-AM at Cotswold Downs, where we delivered images and video edits on site all day for 3 days was another highlight. We were introduced, I was anyway, to the  world of professional women’s golf. It was a first-row seat to witness their awe-inspiring skill and grace on the course, leaving us in awe of their talent.

Working alongside some charity organisations such as The Bhambayi Project in KwaMashu and others in Umlazi. was so rewarding and it is quite mind blowing how much charity work gets done on a daily basis in these townships.

Photographing and filming a promotional video of a new tractor Ganda Ganda, and new way of renting out farm equipment tested our creativity and endurance due to the extremely long day and the pressure of fitting all the needed shots into one day only

Our lenses also witnessed the vibrant energy of the opening and donation of a new school library in Chatsworth by Total Energies. The sheer excitement radiating from teachers and pupils alike skyrocketed, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and possibility. It was a moment that reminded us of the profound impact corporate partnerships can have on education and the future.

We also delved into the world of warehouses, manufacturing plants, and retail stores, constantly challenging our creativity and relishing the exhilarating tasks at hand. Every project presented a new opportunity to push boundaries and capture the essence of each unique corporate landscape.

We filmed and photographed the anniversary of the Galela Kakuhle project by UPL in East London, witnessing the amazing work that this project is doing to small scale farmers in the rural areas in South Africa.

And then, for a change of pace, we found ourselves zipping around in golf carts all day at the Bidvest Race to Steyn City at Zimbali Country Club. Breaking down on the course due to flat batteries; getting entangled with other golf carts on the narrow pathways between holes and helping look for lost golf balls in the bush did not distract from the amazing event and the most incredible weather for a golf tournament.

While these are just a few of the remarkable projects we had the privilege to undertake in the second quarter of 2023, our journey has been dotted with countless other ventures, each contributing to our growth and shaping our craft. If you’d like to experience what we did in the first quarter of this exhilarating year then please visit our Blog Post