Corporate work started off in 2023 like our senior photographer, Wade, waiting to eat a big bowl of delicious dessert, impatiently.  Most years start off slowly but OD Media has been fortunate enough to have back to back projects from what feels like the get go.  What has been impressive is the variety of jobs that we have tackled from international conferences in Thailand and USA to product shoots to chicken farms.  This variety is what makes our work so interesting and a constant source of inspiration.  One day you are on the beach covering a new fibre cable being laid on the ocean floor that runs around the entire African continent to the next day lighting and composing a set of luggage in the studio. We love our jobs and the experiences that it gives us daily so thank you to our loyal clients so far in 2023, may the work continue.  Below are some images from some of the corporate shoots that we have done so far in 2023.