Photographing corporate events at The Oyster Box is always a pleasure as you know that the event will run smoothly, the decor will be good, the lighting will be great and of course the food will be delicious.  IFM were celebrating their 10 years of being in South Africa and were doing it in style.  It was surprisingly such a relaxed and informal event.  Speeches were kept to a minimum and the entertainment was a live musician so the evening was mainly spent eating delicious food and enjoying time catching up with colleagues and clients.  What I did pick up on through the speeches and video was that IFM is a unique company and apart from their exceptional quality products they  pride themselves on how well they treat their staff.  It looked like one big happy family.  This is obviously not realistic to achieve at all times but their were quite a few clients and service providers in the room who were quite envious of IFM’s amazing working environment.  I suspect that IFM may have received a few cv’s the next day.  Well done to the IFM team for a memorable event.