From Sunny South Africa to Chilly Chicago: Wade’s Epic Journey Behind the Lens

Welcome to my next adventure, I’ll take you along on an unforgettable trip far from the sunny landscapes of South Africa and onto the freezing streets of Chicago. Our photo and video production team were tasked to capture the Routes Americas conference, pushing our creative boundaries to deliver high quality same-day photos and videos. But hold on tight because it’s not all work and no play – get ready to witness my daring quest to freeze my fingers off while capturing awesome sunrise shots of the Windy City’s skyline!

Man, the Routes Americas conference was an absolute blast! As the official photographers and videographers, our mission was to capture the exciting buzz where airlines, airports, and the aviation industry collide. Talk about a power-packed event!

We dove headfirst into the action. The energy was contagious! Our cameras were glued to our hands as we roamed the conference spaces, capturing every detail that would breathe life into our photos and videos. From passionate discussions to candid shots of participants fully immersed in the moment, we wanted to bottle up the essence of this event. Norton, our talented video maestro, not only filmed but also skilfully crafted impeccable same-day video edits for sharing across the various social media platforms.

Now, let’s talk about the real adventure – exploring the stunning city of Chicago! Despite the bone-chilling temperatures, I strapped on my thickest jacket, mustered up some South African bravery, and ventured out to capture the city’s soul.

At the crack of dawn, while most sane people were still snug in their beds, I braved the icy winds to witness the most mind-blowing sunrises. Let me tell you, it was worth every shiver! As the first rays of light illuminated the cityscape, I captured spectacular shots of Chicago’s iconic architecture. The frozen air took my breath away, both literally and figuratively!

Phew! What an adventure it was, and I’m stoked to share it with you. Don’t forget to check out our mind-blowing collection of photos and videos that perfectly encapsulate the magic of Chicago. Just click on this link to transport yourself to the Windy City through our lens. I hope these visuals ignite your sense of wanderlust and inspire you to share them with fellow adventurers who appreciate the beauty and diversity of this incredible city.

Massive shoutout to our good friend Michael Durban, the editing wizard behind our travel vlog. His skills and dedication breathed life into our footage, transforming it into a visual masterpiece. Cheers, mate!
So, hop on board this rollercoaster ride as I take you through my unforgettable journey in Chicago, where passion met freezing temperatures and creativity knew no bounds. Get ready to be blown away!