Architectural Photography Durban

we capture various angles to show off the design and aesthetic value

Architecture photography consists of capturing both the interior and exterior of a building, work space, home, hotel or resort. Various angles will be captured to show off the design and aesthetic values of the building.

We take great care in planning the best time of the day to photograph your property. Preferably, we need to make use of  the “golden hour” when photographing exteriors. This is when the sun is rising or setting, when the ambient light is soft and appealing, rather than the harsh midday light.

When delivering your high quality images, there are some important aspects we make sure are correct. For example, vertical lines need to be vertical and horizons must be straight, proportions should be correct and elements must be balanced. All of this will result in your building, work space, home, hotel or resort being seen by potential clients in the best possible light on your advertising platforms.

After all, this is where your next client is going to research and find you first.

Architectural Photography Highlights

February 17, 2017


We have had the privilege of working with many different clients and a variety of situations.

Here is some of their feedback on our services.

Thank you Wade and Kelly for capturing all the crazy moments. You guys are absolute stars! We love the sneak peek – I can’t wait to see rest. Great work! Love the professionalism and the chilled nature of you guys – such a pleasure to work with and it shows in your work!

Thameshni and NielanWedding

It was an absolute pleasure working with you! The images you’ve shared with us are amazing, head and shoulders above the quality of images we have received in the past. Thank you for your service and enthusiasm, it is truly appreciated.

Exposure MarketingMama Magic Baby Expo

All we can say is WOW!!! The album looks absolutely breath-taking, Fareeya and I really appreciate all the hard work and hours put into it. Especially dealing with us and our demands as well as all the finer detail involved. We have just had a look at it and we are absolutely amazed at how nice it came out. Fareeya even had her wedding day smile return. We are so grateful that it came out better than we ever imagined.

Fareeya and ShaahidWedding

Oh my word!!!! We are speechless! What a beautiful and amazing highlights video!! You guys are phenomenal!! Thanks so much again - it's such a beautiful video and cannot wait to see the whole video!

Ryan & Rainie Wedding Videography

Just a very big thank you for your efforts in ensuring that the Nhlambanyati Bridge submission was such a success. I knew we would get some form of recognition from the adjudicators, but I didn’t expect winning the entire event! Well done to you and your team.

Royal Haskoning DHVVideo: Construction Project

Well done on an amazing show. Love it, great shots and edits.

York Enduro MTB Rally 2016 Sports Event: Broadcast on SuperSport 8 - Oct 2016

Beautiful photos Wade! Thank you so much for your patience and time. It was a real pleasure once again to watch you work your magic

Warren WoottonWootton Family Portraits

Kelly, the photos are absolutely amazing! Thank you so very much! It was so much fun! Thank you again! No one can believe we took 3 dogs to your studio!

AnnaFamily & Pet Studio Shoot

Just a quick note to thank you both very much for everything you did to make my grandmother’s birthday so special. The video was an absolute hit, and the photographs arrived today and are just so lovely! THANK YOU!

Andrea McGahey

Wade you have out done yourself buddy! Amazing pics…thank you

JulianHigh Rocks Beach House

I would like to thank your photographers and videographer for the excellent service on Saturday evening. Everything went really well.

Pavan Shree

FAQs Architectural Photography

Why are photographs of my property important?

Photographs are the first thing a potential client or buyer’s will see when viewing your listing or looking at your business website. Professional photographs will show your property at its best.

Why should we hire a professional photographer to photograph our home/office/building?

Hiring a professional photographer means you will have peace of mind knowing that your home/office/building will be photographed by someone who knows exactly what they are doing and has extensive experience on that subject.

What is the best time of day for my property to be photographed?

Late afternoon to early evening is when a property should be photographed. This allows us to photograph the interior first, while there is still ambient day light, and then move on to the outside area when the sun is setting, giving us a beautiful backdrop and soft lighting.

How long will it take to photograph my property?

This depends on how big the property is, for example, a 4 bedroom home would take much longer than an office space.

Are you able to do aerial or drone photography?

This is a service we can supply if requested.

What format do you supply the images in?

You will receive edited, Hi-Res, digital images on a USB.

Does the weather have to be clear for you to photograph our property?

Ideally, sunny days are preferred as there is ample ambient light available for interiors.

How can I help prepare my property for the photo shoot?

Properties photograph best when they are neat, tidy and looking at their best. Clearing clutter, moving toys, mowing the lawn and straightening furniture are a few things you can do before we arrive.